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Events & Media

Events & Media

In-person lectures, speeking presentations, seminars, interviews

From short lectures and media interviews to guest speaker presentations and a weekend-long seminars, you can book Marina to talk at your school / organisation / event / podcast.

Example of topics include:

  • Classical Chinese Medicine Foundations
  • Mastering the Diagnosis
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese Herbalism for Acupuncturists
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese Herbalism for TCM Herbalists
  • Classical Formulas
  • Heart in Medicine

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Upcoming Events

April 22, 2023

Södra Skolan av Kinesisk Medicine

(Southern School of Chinese Medicine)

Lund, Sweden

Topic: Introduction to Classical Chinese Medicine Foundational Theory and Herbalism for the final years acupuncture students

October 14-15, 2023

Svenska Akupunktuförbundet TKM

(Swedish Acupuncture Association of TCM)

Stockholm, Sweden

Seminar: Classical Chinese Medicine

Marina Danilova Chinese Herbal Medicine

About Marina Danilova

Marina is a Chinese Medicine practitioner passionate about applying the classical knowledge to the modern day clinical challenges, and specialising on difficult-to-treat chronic conditions.

In the process of her TCM training, she realised that it is only by integrating Chinese medicine’s classical teachings that she can develop her practice to its highest potential. Since then she has been pursuing the path of the Classical Chinese Herbalism. The foundational theory and the style of herbalism that she applies and teaches stem from Shang Han Lun as taught by Zheng Qinan, the Fire Spirit School originator.

As a Chinese Medicine educator, Marina founded Academy of Holistic Healing Arts to give other practitioners an option to study in the way that was transformational to her knowledge and practice. She delivers just that at her signature Chinese Herbal Medicine Certification programme. Marina is appreciated for her inspirational and concise teaching style, the clarity and the clinical relevance of the material, and the support her students can rely on.

Marina also holds a degree in Law. Before she discovered Chinese medicine she had enjoyed a successful international career in corporate business.