Chinese Herbal Medicine Professional Courses
CHM Certification


Next round starts in September 2022

1 academic year

Virtual Learning

One programme, two certification options:

1) Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner Certification

for professionals with no prior qualification in herbs.

2) Chinese Herbal Medicine

Clinical Application

for practitioners who are already qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Become a more effective, independent and confident practitioner

who applies herbs with clarity and

helps patients in a consistent and meaningful way

Whether you have any prior knowledge of herbs or not, you are looking for a practical training that will enable you to apply herbal medicine in your clinical practice from the place of understanding rather than relying on copying and memorisation.

The foundational theory and the style of herbalism that we teach in our programme stem from the Shang Han Lun as taught by Zheng Qinan, the originator of Huo Shen Pai (Fire Spirit school).

The programme is organised in five modules:

  • Module 1: Essential Foundations & Physiology;
  • Module 2: Diagnosis & Treatment Strategy;
  • Module 3: Herbs, Formula Design & Modifications;
  • Module 4: Introduction to Classical Formulas;
  • Module 5: Practicum;
  • Extra: Heart Cultivation.

This programme is approved by Balens Ltd, which means that their policies will cover the certified graduates who are UK residents.

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  • The Programme Outline
  • Entry and Certification Requirements
  • Price and Payment Options
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Open Day Video

Meet your teacher and get introduced to Chinese Herbal Medicine Certification programme and how learning at AHHA is different from other training offers.

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Previous Participants Say:

Strong Foundations & Great Support

I greatly appreciated Marina’s Chinese herbal medicine certification programme, both from a practical and a theoretical perspective. The content is clearly developed to strengthen the student’s grasp on the foundations of classical Chinese medicine. During the live classes and going through cases deepened my understanding of the six conformations, the assessment and diagnosis of patients in a way that is logical and comprehensive. In addition, Marina puts great emphasis on going through questions and unclear areas in a very thorough way. In short, this programme exceeded my expectations.

Gino Sablic

Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Outstanding, Deep,

yet Easy to Understand

“I can highly recommend Marina's Chinese Herbal Medicine course. The circular physiology can be applied to all aspects of life and it has given me a profound understanding of physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment methods with Chinese Herbs.  Marina's teaching is outstanding.  She shares a deep knowledge of the heart of Chinese Medicine in a warm, elegant and easy to understand way.”

Sandee Lippiatt

Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Excellent, Authentic, Stimulating & Challenging

I happily and highly recommend Marina's certification course on Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is clear throughout that she has put a tremendous amount of thought and care into the programme and the material is both stimulating and challenging, but not overwhelming. Her teaching is clear, precise, authentic, caring and heartfelt. This is an excellent course!”

Tom Watson

Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts Practitioner

United Kingdom

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