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Chinese medicine Classical herbal formulas training

Introduction to Classical Formulas for Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioners

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Chinese herbal medicine training & certification by Marina Danilova

Training in Chinese herbal medicine: from short lectures and webinars to continuous development courses

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One-to-One Mentorship

for Chinese medicine practitioners and students

Whether you need help with cases, want to revisit the fundamental concepts or look for guidance for developing your knowledge and practice, Marina is happy to offer her expertise via private mentorship.

Price for 30 min session: £50

Free Practitioner Resources

Chinese medicine diagnosis

What can we learn from House 

Important reminders of Chinese medicine diagnosis

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Chinese medicine Six Conformations

Theoretical Foundations

Introductory lecture to the classical


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Academy of Holistic Healing Arts

An image or a film

Developing the understanding of Yin & Yang

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Chinese medicine

So complicated, yet so simple!

Grasping the essence of Chinese mediicne

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Classical Chinese medicine

Reflecting on essentials

Inspired by the Yellow Emperor's Inner Transmission of Acupuncture

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Featured Essays from AHHA Students

Classical Chinese medicine

The Unification and the Healing Process

by Marie-Claude Asselin, April 2022

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Classical Chinese medicine

The Search for Roots and Branches

by Gino Sablic, April 2021

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Classical Chinese medicine

Introducing the Cast: the Herbs, their Grouping and Actions

by Tom Watson, April 2021

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