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Next round starts in September 2023

1 academic year

Virtual Learning

Learn to apply herbs with clarity and

elevate your impact

as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • Are you an acupuncturist looking to introduce Chinese herbal medicine into your practice?

  • Are you qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and look to discover the deep yet practical meaning of the classical foundations, master the diagnosis and simplify your herbal approach while ensuring the effectiveness of your treatment?

We invite you to join our truly transformational, highly appreciated and most interactive programme, created for aspiring practioners worldwide.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Certification will enable you with knowledge and skills to apply Chinese herbal medicine in your clinical practice, with clarity, confidence and consistent clinical outcomes

You will learn the foundational theory and the herbal medicine approach which preserves the timeless wisdom from the Chinese classics, yet is graspable, pragmatic and relevant to modern day practice.

The programme is organised in five modules:

  • Module 1: Essential Foundations & Physiology;
  • Module 2: Diagnosis & Treatment Strategy;
  • Module 3: Herbs, Formula Design & Modifications;
  • Module 4: Introduction to Classical Formulas;
  • Module 5: Practicum;
  • Exam and Certification.

Insurance eligibility: This certification programme is approved by Balens Ltd, which means that their policies will cover the certified graduates who are residents in the UK and Ireland.

The programme is designed and taught by Marina Danilova, the Academy Founder. Marina is appreciated for her inspirational and concise teaching style, the clarity and the clinical relevance of the material, and the support her students can rely on.

About Marina >>>

Marina Danilova Chinese Herbal Medicine

"Learning herbs and formulas is not enough to make you a better practitioner. Consistent clinical results are only possible with deep understanding, sound reasoning, a methodical approach, clarity and focus. Our Chinese Herbal Medicine Certification programme provides you with insights and skills to achieve just that."

- Marina Danilova, AHHA Founder


Starts on September 13, 2023

Finishes on June 3, 2024


Virtual learning: 

Recorded and live classes

Group forum & ongoing support


Two certification options depending on your prior background


Opens on March 15, 2023

Places limited to 12

Early payment July 1, 2023

Request the Syllabus to learn more about:

  • The Programme Outline
  • Entry and Certification Requirements
  • Price and Payment Options
  • and more...

For general overview please also download the Programme Guide.

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Programme Highlights:


Chinese medicine is a path for life, but you need to discern the underlying principle to get on the right track. The foundational theory you learn in this programme stems from the classics, yet is accessible, pragmatic and relevant to modern day practice. These foundations are truly a game changer for your development, and is the main "secret" to successful herbal application.


The programme is grounded in practical assignments to ensure you apply your learning from early on in the training. You get feedback in group reviews, this way you can learn from each other's cases. During the course of the programme we review around 50-60 clinical cases covering the diagnosis, treatment strategy, herbal prescriptions, and possible scenarios in great detail.


Regular interactions with your teacher enable you to learn to the best of your ability. Even though it is a virtual training, there is plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions: during the scheduled live classes, in the ongoing group forum, or in informal Q&A meet-ups. When it comes to support, your teacher is appreciated for going the extra mile to help you take the most out of your learning experience.

Our Participants Say:

Strong Foundations & Great Support

I greatly appreciated Marina’s Chinese herbal medicine certification programme, both from a practical and a theoretical perspective. The content is clearly developed to strengthen the student’s grasp on the foundations of classical Chinese medicine. During the live classes and going through cases deepened my understanding of the six conformations, the assessment and diagnosis of patients in a way that is logical and comprehensive. In addition, Marina puts great emphasis on going through questions and unclear areas in a very thorough way. In short, this programme exceeded my expectations.

Gino Sablic

Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Outstanding, Deep,

yet Easy to Understand

“I can highly recommend Marina's Chinese Herbal Medicine course. The circular physiology can be applied to all aspects of life and it has given me a profound understanding of physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment methods with Chinese Herbs.  Marina's teaching is outstanding.  She shares a deep knowledge of the heart of Chinese Medicine in a warm, elegant and easy to understand way.”

Sandee Lippiatt

Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Excellent, Authentic, Stimulating & Challenging

I happily and highly recommend Marina's certification course on Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is clear throughout that she has put a tremendous amount of thought and care into the programme and the material is both stimulating and challenging, but not overwhelming. Her teaching is clear, precise, authentic, caring and heartfelt. This is an excellent course!”

Tom Watson

Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts Practitioner

United Kingdom

Programme Guide:

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So Much More than a Herbal Medicine Course

“I am so grateful for this course coming into my life.   During my career as an acupuncturist I always thought something was missing and a few years ago began my search for a herbal medicine course that would fit into my life and work.  Although this is an online course the live sessions along with Marina supporting us every step of the way, and replying very promptly to our queries, made it as close to an in person course as I could have wished for.  

It was so much more than a herbal medicine course; learning about the circular physiology of life and deepening my understanding of yin and yang has brought purpose back into my life, a greater respect for the Classical Chinese medicine theory, and reminder of the importance of continually working towards my own self development and well being.  Marina has the great gift of being able to take this very complex system of medicine and passing on the knowledge in such an elegant, practical, clear and precise way.

As for the herbs themselves, I am delighted that we” are using the whole herb, offering the full sensory experience which allows me to feel closer to the herbs, the medicine, and nature.  I am so grateful Marina has put this wonderful course together and look forward to the continuous professional development offered by the Academy of Holistic Healing Arts.”

Alexandra Gilmartin

Chinese Medicine Practitioner